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Unicorn Theme Birthday Party for girls in Bhubaneswar
Theme Birthday For Girls

Unicorn Theme Decoration

Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar.

Your kid’s birthday only comes around once a year – and so when it does, you want to make it as perfect as possible. Do you believe in fairy tales? Discover a land that’s magical – something out of a fantasy. If your little one already knows what theme they want, then your job is a whole lot easier. And if that theme is a Unicorn Party Decoration, well, you’re in luck. The Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar odisha is surely among the most cheerful of them all. Plus, this theme leaves room for all sorts of creativity since it pretty much calls for rainbow everything. This theme isn’t just a favorite among little kids, but a fun concept for anyone who appreciate all things whimsical and colorful. For a birthday party or any other type of bash, consider these unicorn party ideas for desserts, decor, goodies bag, activities.

Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar

Where To Start with Unicorn Theme ?

The first thing your guests will see from your unicorn party is the invitation. It’s important that your kids birthday invitations stand out as well as give the guests all the important information they need. For additional help with invitations. Choose one of beautiful unicorn invitations to send out to all of your daughter’s guests. These unicorn birthday party invitations are sweet and simple, making them perfect for little one’s birthdays. Just make sure to save a copy for your family scrapbook! The right party invitation is an excellent indicator of the theme you’re going with. So, check out this fascinating unicorn invitation that leaves no doubt about what the party is going to be. Rainbows, and unicorns, and birthdays– Oh my! These vibrant birthday invitations are a fun and colorful way to let your guests know exactly what to expect.

Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar

How to Plan for Unicorn Theme Decoration?

Colors like pale green, pink, lavender and white can be the theme for the decorations. Clear twinkle lights to outline the front door. Colored streamers to be hanged in the Hall and pathway area will float in the breeze and add to the magical fairy atmosphere. We can add  banner that says “Welcome to (your child’s name) Unicorn Party” near the party entrance. Also we can Lay a cardboard drawbridge for the children to cross at the party entrance. We can also have fairy wings and a wand for each guest as they arrive. We can form a canopy over the party table using pink and lavender streamers. The streamers will cascade from a bow in the middle (attached to the chandelier or the ceiling) out to the sides of the room. Room to be Filled with huge tissue paper flowers.

We need to hang sun board cutout of large tree, toadstool and castle shapes and hang them on the walls of the party area. We can use bubble making machine to add to the magical mood. Adding Combine clear mini lights with tulle netting and drape around the party space will add more elegance. Spread flowers and glitter along the center of the main table. Cardboard stars will be hanged from the ceiling. Arranged groups of flowers on tables, floors, hanging from the ceiling or tied to the chairs will add royalties to the occasions. We can add one live character dressed as a fairy queen and make balloon animals for the children’s. Lastly we can also add some life size Foil balloons of unicorn characters. One Rainbow Shape Balloon Arch in Entrance or gate will also give a colorful look to the party.

unicorn theme

How to Plan for Unicorn Theme Cake and Deserts?

When it’s time for cake and dessert, you’ll be ready when you pick up our matching unicorn themed beautiful drip cake. As a Result, It has everything you want for unicorn theme with base layer of white finishing filed with multi color layers inside. The horn is tall and glimmering with the wings have an detailed pattern and gorgeous color scheme. Adding more to desert props table talk about having a spoonful of magic. Unicorn ice cream is a delicious treat on those warmer party days. We can even decorate them differently so that each marshmallow pop is truly a unique unicorn. Multi color frosting is the perfect choice for unicorn theme cupcakes. Set up food tables with unicorn theme plates and napkins, and decorate with pink tablecloths and glitter. We can also add a unicorn bark milkshake.

Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar

Things We Can Do Other Than Decoration?

After cake, we make sure that your guests have some fun things to do while they’re at your fantastical unicorn party! There are plenty of activities for your guests to take part in, and there are even more that you can come up with if you brainstorm. Pin the horn on the unicorn! Like the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with the most wonderful of all horned creatures, the unicorn. Glitter bombs! Get your guests looking fabulous with a little glitter-themed makeover. Afterward, they’re sure to shine and sparkle. Even the adults in the room will be ready to believe in all creatures, big and small, when your break out the Unicorn pinata kit, stuffed with treats of all kinds. We can plan you the best Unicorn Theme Birthday Party for girls in Bhubaneswar odisha.

Unicorn Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Girls in Bhubaneswar

You want to throw a party to remember send your guests with our special unicorn favors and gifts. You’ll have all kinds of special treats to leave your guests with like molded goblet cups, unicorn rainbow putty, fantasy blowouts, bubble wands, fairy wands. Temporary tattoos,unicorn tote bags, fairy tale finger puppets, lip gloss, nail art and headbands provide the opportunity to have everyone leave with something in their hands. Also get creative gifts  like our customized stickers, coffee mug,water bottle and key chains!

If your child in love with unicorns, fantasy, and fairy tales? Then plan an enchanted Unicorn Theme Birthday Party for girls in Bhubaneswar odisha your child will never forget.

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